Friday, 15 January 2010

Hoky Carpet Sweepers

Today is pay day. Hurrah! The one day in a drab and dismal month of work that has any joy or meaning.

And it has been such a long time since we last got paid, what with Christmas and the holidays and having to spend our hard-earned pounds on snowshoes and ice-picks and other stuff we didn't want, just so we could get in to work.

But enough of that. We have been paid and what better time to treat yourself to a new household appliance? Our resident Domestic Goddess has already done so - and look how happy she is!

You may not know this, but in the olden days carpet sweepers were made of wood. No, really. Look:

If you read the small print you'll probably come to the conclusion that this wasn't what you'd call environmentally sustainable; the carbon footprint of 19,000 miles of carpet-sweeeper transportation alone is a nightmare, and I bet the vermilion forests of India have long since become extinct.

Isn't it a good job we've got plastic and aluminium and other ecologically sound materials these days?

Our Domestic Goddess has purchased the HOKY 23T Carpet Floor Sweeper. It is so light a 90 year old can use one, so small it will fit through your letterbox (and even it doesn't, Wilf will bring it in for you) and they last FOREVER!

Those of you on management salaries might like to consider the Hoky PR3000 Rotorblade Carpet Sweeper. A carpet sweeper with rotating blades! How great is that?!!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

My God It's Full of Snow

Snow Snow Snow. Non-stop snow. Okay last week there was so much snow the university was closed (best start to a new year ever, way-hey!) but now it is melting, it's grey and dirty and slippy, and quite frankly I've had enough of it.

Happy New Year!