Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Woman in the Woods

Today I was going to have a rant about how much this university's policy on toilet-paper rationing gives me the shits (so to speak). You'd reckon with all the redundancies they've made over the last couple of years they would be able to afford an adequate supply of toilet-paper for the few staff who are left.
I don't think our consumption is excessive.

But then, to cheer myself up I had a browse of my favourite library blog - the wonderful Awful Library Books.

And I came across this book:

Looking at the cover, you'd guess this would be all about how to climb a mountain, ford a raging river and wrestle a crocodile. But a quick scan of a couple of pages suggests that instead, this book will teach me how to "nag, complain, feel queasy, squeamish or faint to get my own way".

That's a novel approach to the outdoors, isn't it?

Anyway, I was so intrigued that I was straight on to Amazon to order my own copy (which I imagine is the very same copy that was just weeded on the above blog). I can't wait!!

I am going to learn HOW TO FEEL FEMININE OUTDOORS. That's one of the chapters.
No doubt I am going to learn a whole heap of other useful stuff too.

Today is my last day in work for a couple of weeks, I am taking some holidays. When you next see me, I will be a changed woman.

Bye-bye everyone, see you in June!

Friday, 7 May 2010


oh when, will my life be like this?