Friday, 22 July 2011

Sam's gone to Skem

I hope he knows how very loved he was with us, and how much he will be missed.

Here is Sam in happier times, celebrating his goal against Retford last season. Oh how we laughed! Neilboo's video is on YouTube if you haven't already seen it.

Goodbye Sam, and all the very best of everything in the future.

I'm sad.

To cheer myself I had a look at the FC Forum and found this:

Viva Ken Barlow!

Now I am happy again.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Prince Philip and the Ood

A state visit with a difference.

I hope the Duke managed to get through it without making any of his usual cracks about slitty eyes or being too fat to be an astronaut. Although the Ood isn't fat at all, he has a very trim figure - and a rather natty suit, I think.

I made these myself. The pattern for Prince Philip came from Fiona Goble's book, "Knit Your Own Royal Wedding", which I tackled as one of my Spring Projects. The Ood is my own design.

I knitted a corgi and the Queen and Prince William and Catherine Middleton and Prince Philip (all from the Fiona Goble book). By then I was heartily sick of the Royal Family. I couldn't face knitting any more of them - not Harry or Charles or Camilla or even the Archbishop.

It was because of this that the Ood ended up officiating at the Royal Wedding.

It was when I started seriously considering knitting Lord Sugar that I realised it was time to put the needles and wool away and return to real life.

PS: For those of you not familiar with the Ood, they have a song:

(From YouTube)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

It all ends!

My back-to-back Harry Potter reading marathon ended last night. This was a project I started in March - re-reading all seven Harry Potter books before the final film is released next week. I think I spun them out rather nicely - any sooner or later and I would've been too fraught or addled.

This is a pretty good picture of Voldermort, isn't it? Looking at it, I am tempted to knit my own Dark Lord.

It will help to keep me calm while I am waiting to go to the cinema.