Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Early Doors

Tonight we should be here:

Away at Stocksbridge Park Steels. Originally this was our fixture for New Year's Day. I have lost track of how many times it has been postponed...

So it look like another night in front of the telly.

There's been quite a lot going on in Corrie of late, but the thing that has delighted me most is seeing the mellifluous James Quinn revisiting his role as a policeman - last seen in the delightful Early Doors.

I do hope the Corrie scriptwriters have the good sense to let James laugh, at least once; his laugh is truly magnificent.

There's got to be plenty of opportunity, surely, he is investigating the torching of the Rovers.

Elsewhere on Corrie, Fiz's teeth continue to somehow retract in her mouth, the just when you think they've gone for good, they reappear. Thanks Agnes, for pointing this out - I had never noticed this phenomenon before.

Now I can't stop noticing.

Where do Fiz's teeth go?

My guess is somewhere in the back of her head, looking for a brain. What do you think?

There may be a small prize for the best answer.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Win - Lose (Draw)

In a strange twist to normal life, this weekend our football was moved to Sunday, which meant Saturday was walking day.

I fancied a walk with a concept, so I set out on a Win/Lose Tour. Starting from Bamford I walked up Win Hill, down in to Hope then up to Lose Hill.

(pic from PeakDistrictInformation.)

The weather was glorious and the day still young so I continued on to Mam Tor.

This changed the concept of my walk: no longer just Win/Lose, it was now The Hope Valley Three Peaks.

Everywhere has Three Peaks, if you care to look for them.

Of course, you could just walk along the ridge from Lose Hill to Mam Tor, but that isn't really in the spirit of a Three Peak Challenge, in that every peak should be climbed, and you should go up one way and come down another. Much more fun to drop down to Castleton, then head up to the summit via the Broken Road and the Mam Tor Wall of Death. (Actually I don't think that's its real name, it is just what we call it because it was blowing a gale the first time we ever climbed up it.)

Finally, down the dark side of Mam Tor to Edale and time for a quick pint before the train came.

One Sunday, FC were at home to league leaders, North Ferriby. It was a Draw, 1-1.