Friday, 7 December 2012

Hurrah! It's December

And I've been knitting. (Click on the pic if you'd like a larger image.)

The patterns for the geese and the hen came from Fiona Goble's "Twelve Knits of Christmas":

And the patterns for the cat and the dog came from her "Farmyard Knits":

She has a pattern for a cow too, but the highland cow is my own design. As are the sheep, the donkey, the camel and everyone else.

Christmas isn't just about the decorations though (although they are one of my favourite bits), it's about festivities and fun and seeing friends.

Unfortunately, my plans to catch up with Dear Pork Chop tomorrow have been thwarted by the weather - because December is also the month when frozen pitches and postponed matches kick in.

We were lucky last weekend though - an away trip to Blyth Spartans, in Northumberland, which was ON.

(Photo by Matthew Wilkinson.)

A smashing ground and an astoundingly lovely club. Thank you Spartans for your wonderfully warm welcome!