Monday, 28 March 2011

Hare & Hounds (4)

Here is the latest Hare & Hounds.

This one is in Altrincham, and was visited yesterday afternoon after a sunny Sunday Cheshire saunter.

I didn't like it much, but to be fair, this was probably not the best time to visit. The Sunday Carvery was in full flow, people were queuing up at the buffet to help themselves to roast potatoes, gravy and something else that didn't smell very nice, and the background music(and I use the term loosely) was Celine Dion whinging and moaning and generally lowering the tone. Ambience was about nil.

In its favour, this pub does have a lot of outdoor seating, so that's where I sat - and watched a couple of little kids kick a football around and listened to an Australian on the next table who said the word fuck a lot.

Still, it's another Hare & Hounds visited. Well done me!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Two Fangs, You've only got Two Fangs

Today I am as giddy as a particularly giddy goat!

This is because the sun is shining, tonight FC United are playing Whitby Town, and in an hour's time I shall be leaving work and heading across the country to the seaside.

Whitby is wonderful. It is where Dracula first came ashore in England. You can see the little beach where he landed in the above photo.

I could have posted a cheesy vampire photo here, but instead I've chosen this fine Folio Society edition of the novel. This is meant to be a Library Blog, you know.

Another thing Whitby is famous for is the Magpie Cafe - the country's most popular fish cafe. You can see by the queue just how popular it is.

This is where we will be dining tonight. And then it is on to the match Hurrah!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Fat Tuesday

Isn't that a cracking name?! It would be churlish not to celebrate.

It is, of course, PANCAKE DAY.

The scene in my kitchen tonight will be something like this - but only a bit. There are no chubby-cheeked tots in my house, and nor are there any wizened crones. I won't even be wielding a frying pan.

But later on I will microwaving some zesty lemon pancakes from M&S. I am a lazy trollop.

Happy Fat Tuesday!

PS. I have heard that Americans will eat pancakes for breakfast. That can't possibly be true, can it?