Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Two Fangs, You've only got Two Fangs

Today I am as giddy as a particularly giddy goat!

This is because the sun is shining, tonight FC United are playing Whitby Town, and in an hour's time I shall be leaving work and heading across the country to the seaside.

Whitby is wonderful. It is where Dracula first came ashore in England. You can see the little beach where he landed in the above photo.

I could have posted a cheesy vampire photo here, but instead I've chosen this fine Folio Society edition of the novel. This is meant to be a Library Blog, you know.

Another thing Whitby is famous for is the Magpie Cafe - the country's most popular fish cafe. You can see by the queue just how popular it is.

This is where we will be dining tonight. And then it is on to the match Hurrah!


  1. Was in Whitby myself over the weekend as part of a visit to the North East. You're not wrong - what an excellent place!

    We happened to stumble upon some sort of "goth weekend" so the place was strewn with people wearing all-black attire of all differing forms. Very strange.

    As depicted in the picture the queues for the magpie were ridiculous so we opted for somewhere called Robertson's around a couple of corners. I'm sure Rick Stein hasn't given it his blessing but it seemed just as good as the Magpie to me!

  2. Hello Cheadle, how lovely to hear from you!

    The first season we played at Whitby the match was in October, not long before Halloween. There was a very strange, and yet happy, mix of Goths & Manc football fans in town that weekend.

    We struck lucky at the Magpie last week - got there early before there was any queue. Food was gorgeous! A midweek away in Whitby isn't an easy trip, but worth it.

    Our last away (last Saturday) was to Buxton. One of their lot threw a pig's head on to the pitch. How weird is that?

    How's Cheadle's season going? Are you going to get into the play-offs?

  3. No play-offs at our rung of the lader I'm afraid. 8th at the moment but everybody else has got games-in-hand; I reckon we'll finish 11th once everybody else has caught up.