Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Fat Tuesday

Isn't that a cracking name?! It would be churlish not to celebrate.

It is, of course, PANCAKE DAY.

The scene in my kitchen tonight will be something like this - but only a bit. There are no chubby-cheeked tots in my house, and nor are there any wizened crones. I won't even be wielding a frying pan.

But later on I will microwaving some zesty lemon pancakes from M&S. I am a lazy trollop.

Happy Fat Tuesday!

PS. I have heard that Americans will eat pancakes for breakfast. That can't possibly be true, can it?

1 comment:

  1. And so will Canadians! We most definitely eat pancakes with our beloved maple syrup! I know you Brits like your pancakes on shrove Tuesday with your lemon and sugar -- I must try this!

    Pancakes are a breakfast food here, but for me -- anything as tasty as this is a dessert, lunch, dinner... Mmmmmmmmm!

    Hope your Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras was good and tasty!

    Ohhhh I wish you could have a taste of real Canadian maple syrup if you've not tried it before!! There's nothing like it!!!


    PS - Mar 8 was also the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day -- it was a good excuse for me to go out and celebrate over breakfast with a bunch of women at a local college... too bad they didn't serve pancakes... but the eggs, bacon, fruit, and various baked stuff and coffee were still good!

    PPS - Corrie was getting soooo boring for a while -- I was watching mostly by habit.

    PPPS --I've found a really funny UK TV series... are you watching it? It's called "Benidorm"... hilarious! About a couple of families that go and keep returning to an all-inclusive resort in Spain -- they're so terrible at first but they grow on you -- I LOVE the show and I'm all caught up now... I think. I've just finished watching Series 4, episode 3!