Monday, 28 March 2011

Hare & Hounds (4)

Here is the latest Hare & Hounds.

This one is in Altrincham, and was visited yesterday afternoon after a sunny Sunday Cheshire saunter.

I didn't like it much, but to be fair, this was probably not the best time to visit. The Sunday Carvery was in full flow, people were queuing up at the buffet to help themselves to roast potatoes, gravy and something else that didn't smell very nice, and the background music(and I use the term loosely) was Celine Dion whinging and moaning and generally lowering the tone. Ambience was about nil.

In its favour, this pub does have a lot of outdoor seating, so that's where I sat - and watched a couple of little kids kick a football around and listened to an Australian on the next table who said the word fuck a lot.

Still, it's another Hare & Hounds visited. Well done me!


  1. So sorry about Celine... hahaha... can't say that I like her too much, either... she's just a little too much, over-the-top... but Canada and Canadians are always so PROUD of one of their own... esp. when they make it big in the US and the rest of the Western World. You see, we have so little compared with our giant, loud neighbors to the south...

    The pub looks fine from the outside, but of course that's got nothing to do with the atmosphere inside...too bad. At least you'll remember not to come back here again...

    anyway, glad to see you're keeping up your walking/drinking programme.


    ps I wish they'd get the Websters divorce thing done soon. And I wonder if snobby Sally would have shared her winnings with Kev if she were the one who had the winning scratch ticket, not Kevin... not that I like Kevin the grouch much either...

  2. Canada has given the world many things - I think you're entitled to deny any responsibility for (or even knowledge of) Celine.

    The Kevin/Sally scratchcard story is just annoying. It's a bit worrying that neither of their solicitors knew how the law stood regarding the winnings - I hope they're not paying good money for that lack of expertise.

    I do like the way Rosie is keeping her options open with both parents, just in case Sally doesn't get anything. That girl is getting smarter by the minute!

    Did I mention I saw Rosie Webster a few weeks ago? She was in the biscuit aisle in Marks & Spencers. I didn't peek in her trolley, but presumably she was buying biscuits.