Friday, 1 April 2011

Spring Projects

We have managed to get through another winter - the days are getting warmer, there is suddenly a lot more light in the world, and the Crab has started to get quite enthusiastic about Spring Projects.

And by this I do NOT mean Spring Cleaning. I am a slattern and quite prepared to leave that sort of thing un-done for, well forever really.

Project no. 1

Knitting the Royal Wedding.
I haven't actually started this project yet, but the book came in the post yesterday and tonight I am going to leave work early so I can get to the wool shop before it closes. I don't know how much I will manage to achieve before the Big Day, but I intend to start with a couple of corgis, and maybe an archbishop. If nothing else, they will come in handy in my nativity scene at Christmas.

Project No. 2

Re-reading all the Harry Potter books.
Before the final film is released on 15th July. I got this idea from LibraryGirl on her delightfully-named blog, living in the kingdom of too much. It's a fine idea and one I can reasonable expect to achieve. At present I'm halfway through the second book, so only about another 27,000 pages to go.

Project No. 3

Building a ship in a bottle.
I haven't learnt how to do this yet, nor have I made any attempt to learn. I have, however, made an excellent start emptying whisky bottles.

Oh I do like hobbies!


  1. DC, I have about 3 chapters to go on book 2 ( my least favourite). Gosh I'm enjoying doing this re-read. Long way to go!

  2. I'm nearly at the end of book 2 too - should have it finished by tomorrow (depending on whether I get a seat on the tram or not). I'm looking forward to getting on to the books where they start growing up and getting all moody and bad-tempered: Harry Potter & the Spotty Adolescent Years. Book 5 I think.

  3. Your new hobbies sound very good Crab, I shall look forward to seeing your hand crafted items, especially the knitted ones. I can't knit myself unfortunately (that is - I cannot knit at all, not that I can't knit a model of myself, which not being able to knit, of course I can't). You should have said you needed to empty some whisky bottles, I would have been very glad to help you with that onerous chore.


  4. Oh, dear Pork Chop! I will knit you a model of yourself if you like.

    You might have to wait awhile though - since Friday I have managed to complete one corgi, plus the head, torso and one leg of the Queen.

    It is a time-consuming hobby.