Monday, 4 April 2011

Hare & Hounds (5)

This is the Hare & Hounds at Werneth Low.

(Photo by Scott Ainsley)

I visited here yesterday with Mr Crab and a friend, after a lovely walk up through the woods from Broadbottom. Well mostly lovely, except for the bit where we were chased by some Norty Horses. We might be explorers but we are not brave.

No matter how many Hare & Hounds I visit this year, it will be hard to find one with more impressive views than this one. It is perched on a hill overlooking Manchester, most of Lancashire and a fair bit of Cheshire, and you can see nearly forever.

This is a very nice pub, but yesterday wasn't the ideal time to visit. It was heaving with families celebrating Mothers' Day - which is absolutely right and proper of course, but they were all clean and shiny, while we were muddy and smelly and covered in horse-spittle.

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