Friday, 7 May 2010


oh when, will my life be like this?


  1. Never - you're too old and cynical.
    And it was never worth smiling about anyway

  2. Hi Dishwasher Crab and Anonjan,

    Have either of you heard of Sue Barton, Student Nurse? Your rosy bookcover reminds me of a similar book or series of books I guess written in a by-gone era. Sue Barton starts off as a naive, young thing away from her New Hampshire home enrolled in a nursing program at a teaching hospital (I can't remember where). There, she learns the fine art of nursing from older, sometimes brutal senior nurses, meets some friends, and has all sorts of adventures...and of course, a pretty young thing like her must also meet a tall, handsome doctor who's interning at the same hospital...

  3. Anonjan, you are, as usual, quite correct.

    Snacky, no I can't say I've ever heard of Sue Barton. Did she ever qualify, or did she stay a student nurse forever?

  4. No...not like Nancy Drew who stayed a perpetual 18 year-old amateur detective... Sue Barton grows up, trains, becomes a fully qualified nurse, falls in love with her doctor boyfriend but doesn't marry him but goes off to be some kind of public health nurse and battles some kind of disease outbreak, comes back to marry her lifelong love, has a few children... I don't think I got through all the books, but I have to admit, it wasn't such a rosy book -- I remember hints of marital dissatisfaction...some pretty true-to-life stuff -- definitely wasn't a Harlequine romance. But the whole series I think ended fairly well. I should really hunt up an old copy in my jaunts to the used bookstores...

    Ohhhh... Dishwasher Crab... it is 3PM here in the colonies... and I know exactly what you're doing... watching a bonus 90 minutes of Corrie! It's Blanche's send-off... what I wouldn't give to be able to turn on the TV and watch the stuff real time! {Sigh... I think I'll visit the movie theatre and catch Iron Man 2}
    cheers Dishy and friends,
    Snacky :-).

  5. PS - I miss Pork Chop and Ghost of Ramses Shaffy...are you still around?

    I hear the volcano...Eyjafjallajökull has belched again... oh poor Iceland.

  6. Hi Snacky

    I'm still here. I'm not a soap watcher, although I remember Blanche from those far off days when I used to watch Corrie.

    I gave up when Shelley the barmaid was shacking up with that horrible builder chappy, I think he came to a sticky end didn't he?

    I hear Gail is in prison, and so she should be, it has to be a criminal offence to give birth the a demonic monster (David).


  7. Hi Snacky & Pork Chop. The Blanche Funeral episodes were good, they gave people they chance to remember some of their favourite Blanche lines - for example:

    In my day when things went wrong, we stayed inside, got drunk and bit on a shoe.

    Dunno where Ramses has got to, but I imagine the after-life can be a bit strange.

  8. Oh what a riot that Blanche Hunt...and yes, Pork Chop -- I rather enjoy the fact that Gail is in jail. Not only for giving birth to that Devil's seed David (who's strangely behaving himself these days...), but for whispering and being such a pushover all those years to her Devil's seed. She's a mature woman of 50 who should be standing her ground and yet she gets all whispy and one can barely hear her sometimes when she speaks... sometimes I think Audrey should join her in jail -- well, at least the two of them can keep each other company.

    As for our beloved Blanche Hunt who's gone to the afterlife, I hope she says hi to our friend Ramses... perhaps he's performing in one of those after-life gigs... I hope in that case Blanche doesn't give his performance too much criticism.