Friday, 30 April 2010

Call for Reviews

Some reworked classics have recently crossed my desk. Should anyone care to review any of them please get in touch.

(I really like this last little guy - somehow he reminds me of me.)


  1. Now then - you will frighten all the nice little children.
    One of my work memories is of having to find a way to dispose of about 20 boxes of the Hungry Caterpillar ( discreetly).
    An ordering error by my previous boss (or another act of sabotage before he got the push)
    It took months - if I had put them in the skip someone would have ratted on me to the newspapers.
    I think your version would have been more acceptable

  2. Delightful, compelling titles, Dishwasher Crab! I, too particularly like that last one with the caterpillar - reminds me of myself as well... frequently angry/pi_ _ed off and even more frequently hungry... >:-(

    I hope Anonjan that you didn't destroy those "excess" books! Even though lately I haven't done as much book reading as I should, I remain a great fan of books and reading the old fashioned way... no iPads or kindles in my house! Can you write in the margins of a kindle? Hide a secret note within the pages? And if you drop it in the tub, just leave it to dry on the window sill and it'll still be OK?

    I also have another bone to books - particularly children's books. I never liked Dr. Suess's books. I think the drawings are rubbish...Cat in the Hat, the Grinch who stole Christmas -- did nothing for me... I think I'll look into the Hungry Caterpillar...

    ...I assume the Caterpillar after feasting on nourishment turns into a butterfly? What shall we call this bext book?... "The satiated butterfly."....the constipated butterfly...The butterfly who couldn't fly because she ate too much when she was a caterpillar... The butterfly who went on a diet...

    Happy May Day!

  3. What did you do Anonjan? Take a couple home every night in your handbag and put them on the fire? Please don't tell me you've still got them all secreted about your house.

    Snacky, I like the idea of 'The Constipated Butterfly" - reckon it would be fun to illustrate that book, should it ever get written.

    Changing the subject completely from the dietary habits of insects, Corrie is an absolute gem at the moment - you are in for a real treat in a few months time.

  4. I behaved very correctly.
    we had 26 branches and some mobiles, so i fed them out a couple at a time to each library over about a year.
    And gave them to playgroups, etc
    They don't last long when revolting little paws get hold of them anyway....
    But now I think about it I could have used them for loft insulation, couldn't I?