Thursday, 15 April 2010

Is this the end?

There is a cloud of volcanic ash drfiting across the UK, from recent eruptions in Iceland. Here's a picture from the BBC, which makes it look rather lovely.

It isn't all lovely though, it has been bad enough to suspend flights across the country. This might sound like an over-reaction, but I've been reading about this and apparently if the ash particles get into a jet engine they melt and clog the engine with molten glass. That's got to be a bad thing.

There's worse to come. Look at this picture:

See how happy the dinosaurs are, scampering about in the prehistoric sun? See those volcanoes in the background? It was volcanic ash that finished off the dinosaurs. All gone. Extinct.

Dinosaurs were great big burly beasties. What chance have a bunch of puny humans got? How long have we got left?

I do hope I last until tea-time, we're having takeaway tonight. Perhaps I should start heading home now.

Volcanic ash and the potential loss of life as we know it is not the only gift this country has received from Iceland in recent times. Last winter, after hearing a news report about the deprivation suffered by pensioners in Hull, the kind folk of Iceland sent a container-load of jaunty knitwear to that city. Doesn't it look snugly?

And isn't it good to see that not everyone wastes their knitty skills creating spare body parts?

PS I'm not the least bit apologetic about nicking photos from the BBC. All that licence-fee money they get, and then they squander it on a gang of hard-faced Dorothy-wannabes? Pfft!


  1. Hi Dishy Crab,
    I'm no fan of gov't or gov't organizations, either... I say someone nicking a few photos is the least of their problems.

    Normally when I get disgusted at City Hall, the mediocrity/incompetence of government and politicians , the greed of corporations, and the nastiness/nosiness/bossiness of neighbors, family, friends -- yes, Crab -- it's me that's turning into a decapod as I age (I admit it)-- I cry out, "I'm headed for the hills"... now the hills may blow their stack and everyone may be history... so I'm with you...leave EARLY, head for the nearest takeaway stop, get some dinner/provisions for tea and head for the nearest cold water lake so when the ash gets thicker...

    Snacky right before hopping on the streetcar for Lake Ontario X-)!!!!

    By the way, that sweater looks extra comfy but extra huge as well - most would "swim" in there. Is that from too much consumption of fish and chips among the Icelanders?

  2. Good news! I'm not extinct! The sun is shining, the weekend is only a matter of minutes away and it doesn't even look particularly ashy outside.

    So that's all ended well, hasn't it?

    I would guess the bulky knitwear is based more on the Icelanders' perception of what the English are built like rather than their own physique. I wonder where they've got that idea from.

  3. Hi Dishy Crab, I'm so glad to know that you and the rest of the UK are still with us and didn't go the way of our pre-historic dinosaurs. What'a a little volcanic ash anyway from a broke/bankrupt country like Iceland that's just banned stripping? People have been inhaling second hand smoke for ages. If I really did take the news seriously, I'd never get out. The weather report would say that it's a bad day for UV ray and smog exposure, too cold/too hot, might rain later so I may as well just stay in and get all my gorceries delivered. The local news would report on every traffic jam, pile-up, shooting, accident so that I may as well just watch my movies online to avoid getting mugged/robbed on the subway to the movie theatre or on the way home...and finally, the national news will say the economy is bubbly hot one day and the next, the stock market is plunging and we'll all be in the poorhouse tomorrow so load up on the cans of beans ... I'm so tired of all the doom and gloom. It's about time we just get out in the sun --head for the hills or the lakes ---or ideally a place that has both! Chuck the sunscreen -- just wear long sleeves and bring a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses...

    Strippers: I've only been to a strip joint twice in my lifetime. Frankly, I thought the pole dancing looked kinda fun and the food was actually pretty good. But all in all, I could think of better things to do than sit and eat in a darkened room while watching some "exotic dancers". That brings me to Coronation Street and Leanne's friend whats-her-name. Can't writers think of a few oher professions for the women of the Cobbles besides prossies, strippers, sewers/machinists, hair/beauticians, barmaids, shopkeepers-- how about writers, accountants, LIBRARIANS, architects, pharmacists (or do you call them druggists)...

    Have a nice weekend Dishy and all,
    Snacky... :-)

    PS I can't believe what I just wrote... volcanic ash and stripping... I must get some sleep. Thank goodness the weekend is here...

  4. Panic over. We can all go and fly around the world on our holidays now! Mr Volcano has stopped belching......