Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Two weekends back-to-back

Isn't Easter great?! Two bank holidays with a weekend sandwiched in between - brilliant!

Those of you of a religious bent can spend Good Friday with a rock rolled in front of your door. Worthy folk can go to B&Q, then spend the rest of the weekend painting their kitchens. Others may wish to make an early start on their chocolate eggs.

We spent Good Friday in a time-honoured and traditional manner - a road-trip to the seaside.

And in the way of all great traditions, it pissed down all afternoon, clearing just long enough for a quick scamper on the beach.

Dunno where that tiny little dog came from.

In case you are wondering: 1-1. Robbery!
Fish & chips for tea. Of course.


  1. Hi Dishy,
    Wow Easter weekend is a distant memory and we're well into the one after. Where does all the time go? Nice job on the photos. For a split second I thought the second one was a chocolate bloke rather than a statue. Well at least you got out for the long weekend. I'm a bit of a City slicker I admit. You'd think living in Canada I'd be more outdoorsey...{sigh - well, yes, I used to do some cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, even did a bit of whitewater rafting...those were the days}. I did manage to get out for a one-day conference at an art gallery at another city about a one hour drive away which was quite fun...tiring but fun -- workshops, food, some music and some dilly dallying among all that art... and most fun of all a visit to the art gallery GIFT STORE -- I've noticed art gallery stores sell the best nick-nacks and I'm a bit of a fiend when it comes to fridge magnets... found some pink pig fridge magnets. Bought three. One I shall give to my friend who drove us... I think I've read that pigs are good omens in some cultures... symbols of prosperity, food (anyway)...{sigh!}

    Well, are you liking the spat between Audrey and Rita over that lizard Lewis. Perhaps he'll rob them both blind...(yes, I'm so evil!) much like that other younger slimey Luke character did with Dozy Rosie...

    The spats between the women are the best! As for the teen love triangle -- oh so boring, Molvin --oh please spare us! I'm looking forward to Mad Mary terrorizing our gossipy little newsagent Norris for continually rebuffing her advances... hee, hee. Where are the Windasses, where is Lloyd? Leanne and Peter - that's getting boring, too...and I don't see much spark between Carla and BinMan. There was more chemistry between Ken and Martha than those two. It's funny, the plots can be boring but the characters are not.

    Well, thank you for this blogpost -- I like the tiny little dog in the background. There's always someone with a dog in deserted stadiums or parks on a blustery day...scarves blowing in the wind. Then you come back inside for a hot soup or some tea and fish and chips...and everything including the lousy weather seems OK... :-)

    Al the Best,

  2. Yep, I'm loving the Audrey/Rita spat! It is everything that's good about Corrie - two spangly and sequinned old bats scrapping over Nigel Havers. Hurrah!

    I'm not convinced by the Carla/BinMan story either. Having already seen BinMan in Extras, we know that he has one leg substantially shorter than the other and wears an orthopedic shoe. Now I'm not saying Carla is shallow, but I reckon she'd be the sort to be put off by that sort of thing.

    Cracking moment in last night's episode when Rosie discovers that the footballer she's been dating isn't really a footballer, he just sells burgers from a van outside the football ground. Ha ha.

  3. Snacky said - found some pink pig fridge magnets. Bought three. One I shall give to my friend who drove us... I think I've read that pigs are good omens in some cultures... symbols of prosperity, food (anyway)...{sigh!}

    Aha, a woman of taste!

    Pigs are wonderful creatures and highly intelligent. Sir Winston Churchill was a pig fan. He said;
    "I like pigs, dogs look up to you and cats look down on you, but pigs treat you as equals".

  4. When I read Snacky's comments about pigs I thought of you Pork Chop - knew you'd be pleased.

    Have I ever mentioned that I was born in the Year of the Pig?