Friday, 27 May 2011

A stinky treat in store

Who has been blocking the drains, overflowing the toilets, and stinking out the knickers at Underworld?

Poor dead old Colin Fishwick, that's who.

And tonight is the night that Colin will finally be... ummm... I'm not sure what the correct word is. Not unearthed. Resurfaced? Yes, that'll do. Tonight Colin is going to be resurfaced.

I am guessing not with one of these:

It would be interesting if it was though.

I am really looking forward to this episode. Work has been particularly drab lately, with more demoralising things looming on the horizon. I need a bit of Corrie fun to lighten the load and make everything good again.

And doesn't Corrie do watery fun so well?! How many people have ended up in the canal at Castlefield over the years? Roy Cropper, Richard Hillman, David Platt (on more than one occasion), the list goes on and on... And only last year we had Joe McIntyre at the bottom of Windermere - until he bobbed to the surface.

But I can't remember any character blocking a toilet before, and so tonight will be a brave new televisual treat.

Hasn't that rug kept well, considering it's been down a dunny for a year?

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