Tuesday, 14 June 2011

One Thousand Miles

I have mentioned before, more than once, that I love walking. Up and down, round and round, here, there and everywhere. Walk, walk, walk. I love it.

So far this year I have walked 1,000 miles. This is further (or faster?) than this time last year, which I attribute to the milder winter. Much as I like walking, I do not walk in snow or ice.

If I had walked that thousand miles in a straight line, where would it have got me?


This is Nazare, in Portugal. Doesn't it look nice?

I found this on Google Maps. When I went back to find the photographer's name so I could acknowledge it here, I couldn't find the pic again. Sorry. If this is your photo, 1. thank you, it is lovely, and 2. let me know who you are and I'll give you the credit you are owed.

That's enough from me today. Tomorrow I am having a day off.
I'm going for a walk. Yippee!!

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