Monday, 28 November 2011

Got fur balls?

Then you can make cat crafts!

It is nearly two years since I opened my library blog, and at the time I imagined it would be full of book reviews and other posts of an erudite nature. Since then, however, I have spent a lot of time wandering about in the hills, visiting pubs and knitting woolly royals. Very little time has been devoted to anything of a bibliographic nature.

So, today I'm going to restore the gentle, bookish nature of my blog with this offering: Crafting with Cat Hair.

You can look inside it at Amazon.

Although at first this book might look, well, a bit bonkers, the advice seems sound. For example, under the heading of Supplies: I have a cat. What else do I need to craft with cat hair? Makes sense - presumably a cat, on its own, is not enough.

And, quite importantly: These crafts are not recommended for people with cat allergies.

There is a claim that "cats do not naturally produce any bad smells", which as someone who once shared a house with the very farty Milligan, I know to be not true - but I can't see that this would necessarily stop you producing any crafty objects with your cat.

At present I am busily knitting the Archangel Gabriel, so I won't be purchasing this book any time soon, but I would still recommend it to anyone who would like an indoors hobby for the winter months. Anyone who owns a cat, that is.

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