Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy Australia Day

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  1. Hi Dishwasher Crab! It's Snacky from Canada! How are you? Have been kinda busy... glad to see you're still posting.

    Will you be making a trip to London during the upcoming Olympic Games??? Or perhaps it's better to stay and watch from afar... avoid the crowds and the madness that will surely ensue during something like this! I did... during Vancouver 2010 (winter Olympics), I was mostly in Toronto! A few family and friends managed to go and catch the figure skating competition...

    I'm still following Coronation Street... it's really gone downhill in terms of quality -- as a librarian and avid reader, I'm sure you'll agree if you've been keeping up... but Corrie still beats the horrible TV fare we get here... and I really enjoy Downton Abbey. Benidorm is another one I look forward to...


    ps... if you're into Oscar-winning/nominated movies, there is a French-Canadian film that's up for Best Foreign Film. I watched it recently: Monsieur Lahzar -- fabulous film about a substitue teacher, a refugee claimant from Algiers who comes into a Montreal school to replace a teacher who's committed suicide. And there's another film up for best foreign film which I saw during a film festival, from Poland called "In Darkness" about a man who hides some Jews in the sewer system during the Nazi occupation of Poland. Based on a true story. You might catch these films at your local arthouse-type cinemas...