Friday, 1 October 2010

Dr Faustus

Last night The Weatherfield Librarian, who sits at the other end of the office from me, was at the Royal Exchange Theatre attending a production of Dr Faustus (The Weatherfield Librarian being a rather erudite young man).

Here's a fine photo of the Royal Exchange, nicked from Photo Camel.

Good, isn't it?

Anyway, this post is not an architectural critique, or even a theatre review. It turns out that The Weatherfield Librarian was seated next to Dev Alahan! Here is his report:

1. Dev Alahan was dressed in a somewhat foppish manner, a la Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.
2. Sunita was not there (presumably at home minding the twins).
3. Dev was eating Cadbury's Eclairs - and dropping the wrappers on the floor! What a dirty boy.

The Weatherfield Librarian now has in his possession one of these wrappers - and has promised to get me a photo of it to post on this blog. In the meantime, here is an artist's impression of how the floor of that lovely theatre might have looked after Mr Alahan had finished stuffing his face.

What a grub.

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  1. Hi Dishwasher Crab!
    Well, well -- your colleague got to sit beside a bonafide celebrity/star! Lucky him!Yes, I would have almost instantly expected Sunita to be there as well. Ah well, the real deal is almost certainly a letdown from the persona. But then how many of us want people watching when we accidently stub our toes getting out of bed on a cold, rainy morning, uttering some choice words to describe our instantaneous, pained reaction: "Ouch, my @#$^*() toes!"

    I don't think we have those Cadbury eclairs here on this side of the pond...they look like chocolate hard candy? I've seen some footage of old Corrie clips and some show the tail end of some commercials -- I think Cadbury was/is a sponsor of the show. Maybe it still is and Dev and the rest of the cast and crew get these goodies FREE/gratis... bunches of them! But too bad Dev didn't even offer your friend any! Not only is the guy a litterbug, he's a pig!

    I think I recall catching Faust many years ago. It was when I was traveling in Asia and the National Opera sung it all in translation with an all Asian cast at their premier theatre downtown. As it turned out, not too many expensive seats near the front got sold so about half way through the opera, most of the seatholders in the back wound up moving to the front seats -- including me and my travelling companions. It was a decent performance. I enjoyed the scenes with Faust and the Devil the most. And the most enjoyable I think is near the end where he's cast into the fire and brimstone depths -- that was fun!

    btw- that is a nice photo of the theatre. I suppose it's called the Royal Exchange Theatre because it was once a stock exchange? I'm currently here in Vancouver where the Art Gallery used to be the old Courthouse. When the movies and TV shows come to town to do some filming and they need some scenes where the lawyers and criminals are leaving the courtroom and hurrying down the stairs only to be met up by the throngs of reporters and their microphones (think Law and Order-type scenes) -- they always go to the outside of the art gallery because of the pillars and the stairs.