Thursday, 23 September 2010

Red Balloons

When I was walking past the Corrie set this morning I noticed that they were blowing up bunches of red balloons. No idea what story they will be for; surely it is too early to be filming next year's valentine episode?

Anyway, the effect of the red balloons against the early morning cobbles and the misty grey sky was rather fetching.

Here's a tune about red balloons that you may remember from the olden days:

And here is a jigsaw which you might enjoy piecing together while you listen to the music.

That's enough about balloons for now, I'm off home to cook my tea.


  1. Hello DWC! You're that close to the Corrie set? Have you ever gone in/taken a tour and the usual cheesey photos in front of the "iconic" buildings like Rovers Return, the Duckworth's flat with the cladding... hee, hee... sometimes I think I'd love to go walk in the Cobbles set myself, but then if I see for myself the facade of the buildings along with the actual less than adult-sized sets in a TV studio where they actually do the shooting...well, I don't will be like finding out those cookies supposedly eaten by Santa were actually eaten by your dad and the note left behind telling you to be GOOD and behave from Santa was actually written by ol' pops!...geeeeeezzzzzzz life contains so many letdowns...frankly, I don't understand the close attention people pay to the private lives of the actors playing characters in popular shows -- it kinda destroys it for me as these 'characters' are "real" and I'd rather not work too, too hard to suspend my beliefs while watching... I kinda don't wanna know that the actor playing Jason Grimshaw has split from his real life wife who used to play Sarah... or that so-and-so's got stopped for drinking and driving... --(well, OK... these two tidbits I just couldn't avoid...they were posted on Corrie discussion boards and all over the net!)

    99 red balloons... I read that they had their 50 year celebration on the set! Perhaps they released some balloons! And the video? Brings back memories of the 80s... bad hair and a bunch of music videos... sounds a bit like today... bad hair and youtube...sigh!

  2. Hi Snacky! The Corrie set is closed to the public now, although you can get a fair glimpse of it from the street outside. In the past they used to run tours, which were by all accounts excellent, but sadly no more. Several years ago I was at Granada Studios for an afternoon and a security guard took some of us on an impromptu tour of the set - probably because he was bored.

    Apart from everything being on a little diddy scale, the set is very much what you see on the TV. Good job they've got diddy little actors.

    Anyway, what you say about seeing the reality can tarnish the magic is quite true. I have story about excatly that, which I'm now going to go and post.