Friday, 3 September 2010

Northern Lights

I have been walking again. (I'm not sure why I say "again" like that; it's not like I ever really stopped walking.) Anyway, I have now walked 1,300 miles so far this year. To be exact, 1,306.

If I was to set off in a straight line, how far would this get me?


It's a long way north isn't it?

To be honest, I don't know a lot about Tromsø, so maybe I should go there. I do know they have an internationally renowned botanic garden, which I would love to see:

There's another lovely photo here.

And of course, who can forget the famous game between Tromsø and Chelsea in 1997? Oh how we laughed.

I shouldn't laugh too much, we've played in some pretty poor visibility ourselves. No, actually I should laugh, we've always won in the fog. Here we are, at home to Hednesford a couple of seasons ago:

and at Nantwich earlier this year:

(I'm in that fuzzy haze somewhere - bet you can't see me, he he.)

Many more marvellous Mick Dean photos here.

Anyway, enough football and fog for now. Back to Tromsø.

Here is the most compelling reason of all to visit that lovely northern city:

How stupidly, gobsmackingly beautiful is that!

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  1. Tromso's aurora borealis - truly stunning. I had no idea. And I had forgotten that here also in Canada if you take a trip up north, you can also spot these northern lights. Perhaps I should go up north as well! As soon as I've purchased a down coat -- feather-filled parka and a serious pair of winter boots! Brrrrrrr! I feel already the hints of cold weather...