Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Fun with Meat

From the Gallery of Regrettable Food.

Really, the picture says it all - I can't think of a single thing I can say that will make it any better.


  1. Hi Dishwasher Crab,
    What an interesting website the "Gallery" -- the style of the illustrations brings back a lot of memories... there were those kinds of drawings and photos on, say, recipe books by the flour company. I think mine was "Five Roses" flour and in it was actually a couple of pages showing the different cuts of beef, pork... of course, everytime a recipe called for flour it would be "Five Roses flour"....

    On that website is a photo of an electric frying pan: I have that one! My father bought it one day thinking that this was a way for meat dishes to stay hot while we ate. We soon learned that it was pretty useless. Meat dried out, the electric chord was a pain...and washing the pan was an even bigger pain because you couldn't immerse the pan to give it a scrub.... useless!!! You have to hand it to people who think they mean well, when they know nothing about it but go ahead and think they're doing something useful...righto.... oh I could rant on about the "experts" who go on to give YOU advice when they themselves have never gone through whatever it is that they're advising you about -- it's just that they're legends in their own heads and even if you're the one who's gone to school, gotten the degree, had the experience... oh no... THEY'RE just a cut above average and know this stuff just through osmosis and are even qualified to critique you and your work... completely shameless and out-to-lunch...

    Sorry... didn't mean to go on a verbal rampage yet once again on your blog...

    So how are you and the rest of the Mancunians reacting about the Royal Wedding announcement? Are you all abuzz about the upcoming nuptials and yet-unspecified wedding date???

    The British Royals are indeed a strange lot. I consider them the original Reality TV stars -- the original celebs... they certainly do a much better job living out their real life soap opera drama than say the Hollywood celebs or even in the real-artificial world of reality TV so prevalent in today's programming...

    Those funny hats and quaint ceremonies are certainly much more fun to talk about with family, friends and strangers alike when different social status, political affiliations, education levels make certain subjects taboo or just plain difficult. And it's always better to gossip about the Royals than someone closer to us since the gossip could always come back to.. yes... US and bite us in the behind!

    Are you looking forward to the tram crash that's coming to Corrie? Rumor has it that 4 will die and there will be a wedding... I wonder which 4 will follow Jack Duckworth to the BIG SNUG in the Sky. And which happy couple will tie the knot and look forward to a happily ever (NOT!!) after life of marital bliss??

    Hope you're well and keeping warm AND dry,
    Snacking on Corrie (brrrrrr... trying to do same)

  2. Hi Snacky! Neither myself or absolutely anyone I know was remotely interested in the royal engagement - until they announced yesterday that we would all be getting a Bank Holiday on the wedding day. Hurrah!!! Suddenly we are all filled with a vague feeling of affection for the delightful young couple.

    Yes, I am looking forward to the Great Corrie Tram Crash - if only because it is one of the nasty new yellow trams that they are going to kill off. It has been quite interesting walking past the set for the last few weeks - lots of scaffolding and huge drop-cloths, and not a lot else to see.

    I'm hoping Mollie gets a tram embedded in her head. Can't think of anyone else I dislike enough to see splattered. Is there anyone in particular on your wishlist?

  3. Hi Dishwasher Crab,

    I think Mollie is in just about everyone's WISHLIST including mine. I think the other one that's on mine for SURE is that awful Owen - he's such a bully about everything. But perhaps I won't mind also one or more of the following characters:

    Kevin, Maria, Dev, Audreh, Gail, Michelle, Nick, Tina, Becky, Leanne, John Stape and Charlotte the harlot (although, the "gossip" which you probably know more about than I that Charlotte will get it anyway with or without the tram)

    Yellow trams? Must be extremely noisy...the recent episodes keep having really loud tram noises in the background... hee, hee, hee... as if we could forget for a moment!!!

    Hahahah... that's a lot of names on the wishlist I know -- I don't necessarily dislike any of the characters that much -- just that if one or more were gone -- the plots might be opened to some fresher, newer opportunities...

    Congrats on getting another Bank Holiday! I doubt we'll be getting one here that day -- ah well, the devoted monarchists will find a way to skive off...


  4. Yep, I'd agree with most of your Tram List, except Becky - I really like her. I'm also quite liking Charlotte now that she has turned into a full-blown bunny boiler.

    Funny how you never ever heard a tram on Corrie until quite recently...

    I'm heading off on my holidays on Sunday, so won't be blogging again until next year. So, have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!! All the best, Dishwasher xxx