Friday, 26 November 2010

On the top of the world

As mentioned earlier (here and here) I have been walking. This year I have now walked 1,760 miles.

If I was to walk this distance in a straight line, how far would I get now?


What do we know about Svalbard?

Here is a map:

Although it is rather lovely, there is quite a lot of information missing - so I wouldn't suggest using this map to plan a holiday or anything. And if you were thinking of going by boat, be careful - watch out for all those whales and seals and assorted sea monsters.

His Dark Materials is one of the finest children's stories ever written, but Svalbard is probably not inhabited by armoured bears. (Wouldn't it be good if it was though?!)

It does, however, have some magnificent skies.

Click on the pic to see it full size - and click here to see more.

Svalbard is a very long way north indeed.
It is so far north it is On the Top of the World.
Here are some very happy people who know a little song about being on the top of the world:

In fact Svalbard is probably just about as far north as any normal human would want to go. So I'm not going there. Instead, this weekend, I will be heading south. All the way south to Brighton.

Because FC United are playing Brighton & Hove Albion in the Second Round of the FA Cup!!

And look, they've got a Boardwalk!

We know a little song about that too, don't we?

Good luck lads!


  1. Well, come on then, don't keep us in suspenders, did you win????

  2. Hello Pork Chop! Lovely to see you.
    It was a draw, 1-1 - remarkable really as Brighton are 112 places above us in the league. Replay next Wednesday night, but sadly I will be far far away.