Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you've all survived the festive season, and Santa has seen you right.

To be honest, 2011 is not looking too promising for me so far: new boss, new regime. It's grim.

No chat.
No laughing.
No happiness.
No motivation.

It's like being buried alive.

A bit like poor Rita in the Kabin, except Rita had choccies (albeit slightly dusty ones) within her grasp. And Rita was rescued within a few days - unlike us, trapped here in misery with no hope of salvation.


  1. Happy (belated) New Year, Dishwasher Crab!

    Oh it's so great to see you're back! Did you have a good gettaway? I've survived another Christmas -- and as for Santa... as I age... unfortunately, I realize I am getting to resemble him more and more... that of gift-giver and expanding girth. I'm sure somewhere along, a bright red suit is also in the offing...:-).

    Ah, don't fret too much about yet another re-organization at the Office. You are a veteran now of these silly corporate games and know how to by-pass even the stupidest rules and have fun. Just keep your head down and below the radar while you let others do the trench warfare. Meanwhile, you still got Corrie... isn't it great? The Websters have imploded and Sally has found the shrill portion of her voicebox while at the same time those eyebrows on Kevin -- we discover-- actually do move! I was hoping that the two of them would try and have an all out face-to-face armed each with their own "house for sale" sign right on the cobbles... but no dice. That would be making a downright show of themselves now.

    Poor Rita.. all she wanted was to settle for the night with some choccies in front of the tube and instead, she got the thrashing of her life from a runaway tram. Well, she's all right now. She could have suffered the same fate as our poor Molly or Ashley-- unemployed TV actor.

    Welcome back. I'm sure 2011 will work out just fine with help from some choccies, cuppa/brew and Corrie.

    Oh, by the way... I caught two documentaries at the movie house--- one that explains the financial crisis of 2008 "Inside Job" and another that tells the story of the rise and fall of New York Governor and former Attorney General Eliot Spitzer "Client 9". They're both pretty good at detailing and unpacking what's normally taboo and boring topics of conversation --- finance and politics... I think there was also a movie/documentary a few years ago on the Enron meltdown -- "Smartest Guys in the Room" -- that was good as well. These movies actually all name names and go into the documents, hearings etc. ... I figure as someone who works with books, documents, records, etc. you might appreciate that.

    Anyway, take care Dishwasher Crab... do post again really soon! Regards, salutations, and felicitations from Canada!

    --Snacky :-)

  2. Hi Snacky! Yes thank you, I had a lovely Christmas holiday - a thoroughly needed break. While we were away we recorded every episode of Corrie, then had a big Corrie-catch-up marathon when we got home. It felt like cramming for an exam - but in a good way.

    Now we are back to watching it in real time it is not so exciting. I'm sick of Kevin & Sally (not for the first time) and John Stape as the world's mot stupid serial killer is wearing a bit thin.

    The films you mention sound good - I'll keep an eye out for them. We saw "The King's Speech" the other night - what a little gem! Popular too - I can't remember the last time I saw so many people in a cinema. Mind you, it was Tuesday: no Corrie, no football.

    Now we know that Kevin's eyebrows can move, perhaps they might get their own spin-off series? Perhaps a children's programme?