Thursday, 20 January 2011

A New Year's Resolution

As I have mentioned before, more than once, I love walking. Walk, walk, walk. All over the place. I love it. At final count, I'd racked up 1,870 miles last year.

This year it is my ambition to walk with a purpose. No more aimless rambling for me! It is my resolution to involve as many pubs called Hare & Hounds as possible in my walks.

Why the Hare & Hounds?
1. There are a lot of them.
2. The first pub I went in, on my first real walk this year ('real' in the sense that it involved hills and a friend and a pint) was called the Hare & Hounds.
3. We will soon be entering the Year of the Rabbit, and Hares are as close to the theme of Rabbits as I could get.

Here is Hare & Hounds no.1:

This photo comes from Google Streetview. I didn't have my camera with me at the time - and to be honest, the weather wasn't this nice last Sunday. By the time we got to the pub it was pissing down.

Never mind! The pub was cosy, clean, friendly and thoroughly comforting. We didn't eat there, but the food looked and smelled gorgeous. Should you wish to visit yourself, it is in Simmondley Village, Glossop.

Hopefully I will have more Hare & Houndses to report on in the coming months. Please wish me success in the my brave and intrepid quest!


  1. Hello Dishwasher Crab!
    What a fabulous idea... I'd do the same except here we don't have a string of nice pubs -- just terrible, over-roasted/over-priced coffee (Starbucks from the US) and donut(Tim Horton's -- named after a famous hockey player) outlets which would not be incentive enough, unfortunately... :-(. But your idea has given me food for thought as to a walking strategy...

    Once of these days I WILL make it out to the UK, if only to check out the pub scene!

    Yes, Corrie post-tram crash is getting boring. It seems from reading some blogs that this lull seems to happen regularly after a very exciting Christmas. Pretty awful time when even new romances are turning out so boring:
    -Rosie and Jason
    -Maria and wife-beater/burglar Chris
    (here she goes again hooking up with someone so totally inappropriate --- she has got to be the Cobble's stupidest female character... but then Kirk is her brother)
    -Lloyd and Cheryl -- bland, bland, bland

    (there's more sparkle between the back and forth with Eileen and Lloyd, Eileen and Steve). Speaking of romances, Janice, despite her antics deserves a boyfriend... too bad the Binman came and went and didn't create much of a stir... the most exciting scene with him was at the very beginning when he refused to pick up Janice's garbage and she jumped on his truck in protest.

    Let's hope the writers get back on track... perhaps they're a bit fatigued after a taxing runaway tram/Christmas storyline... perhaps they need incentive like your walking scheme!

    Or they should just take an extra shot of whatever they normally drink or a few more puffs of whatever they normally smoke for inspiration...


  2. I can see how visiting every cafe names 'Starbucks' might not quite be an exciting voyage of discovery. I've not got any further with my 'Hare & Hounds' quest (I've been at home nursing a cold) but never mind, the year is yet young.

    Agreed about the various Corrie stories you mention - but I did really like Julie and Eileen's 'Sister Act' the other night. Actually anything involving Eileen is well worth watching. I'm not sure if I like Julie (she's pretty scary) but my goodness! she has some lovely frocks.

    Trevor the Binman was a good character, but sadly he was far too tall for those tiny little Corrie sets. In some scenes his head was touching the ceiling, and he had to bend his neck to get through doors. Houses in England can be small, but not that small.

    You will discover this for yourself when you come here for your Pub Tour of the UK.