Thursday, 17 February 2011

Hare & Hounds (2)

This one was an unexpected (and delightful!) bonus. I've not been here since early October and at that time it had closed down.

This is the Hare & Hounds at Bower Fold in Stalybridge - and Hurrah! it is open again.

Once again the photo is from Google Streetview. It didn't look like this last night - it was dark (okay, there was a full moon) and there were a lot of happy FC fans outside. Nice little pub, isn't it?

What was I doing in Stalybridge last night? No, I have taken up midnight rambling. We were playing a home game at Bower Fold against Chasetown.

And we won! 4-2!
With only ten men.
And, my god, those ten men played well!

What an all-round excellent evening that turned out to be!


  1. Congratulations on your victory! And you say this pub was closed in the fall, but re-opened? Well, that's another victory...

    I have yet to walk into a real British pub and I still intend to... so I hope British public life is still thriving despite our current economic woes...

    Well, I would have thought the greater the woes, the more the punters would spend time in these pubs... no jobs to go to during the day... too expensive to go for a trip anywhere except the local pub... you'd think that in a period of financial and economic "challenges", the pub scene would be thriving...

  2. You'd think a trip to the pub would be a cheap form of entertainment, but it is considerably cheaper to buy alcohol from the supermarket and drink at home. Also the smoking ban finished off a lot of pubs. The ones that survive tend to be the ones with a good outdoor smoking area. You can't quite see it in this photo, but this pub has a very nice lawned area behind it, ideal for sitting outside on a summer's day, with a pint and a cig. Bliss..