Monday, 3 October 2011

Hare & Hounds (7)

This is where I went yesterday.

As usual, the photo has come from Google Streetview. At some point on this project I might just remember to take my own camera with me. Nine months into the year and the only time I've taken my camera with me the battery went flat before I'd snapped any Hare & Houndses, then I slipped crossing a stream, landed on my arse on a pointy rock and ended up with soggy undies and a massive bruise.

But I digress. This is the Hare & Hounds in Mill Brow. And everything about it was lovely! I visited it at about the halfway point on another walk starting at Middlewood, this time via the Macclesfield Canal. Yesterday was hot and sticky, so I sat on a bench at the front, sipping my pint and watching the horses mooching about on the hill opposite. Idyllic.

A day earlier, we were knocked out of the FA Cup, early and in an unflattering manner. Sometimes you need a beer.

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