Monday, 31 October 2011

Hare & Hounds (8)

It is hard to imagine that any Hare & Hounds I ever visit could possibly have a more glorious approach walk than this one.

Last Friday I did not go to work. Instead I took the day off and went for a walk. And what a beautiful day it was - immaculate, crisp, bright autumn weather. I started at Edale and followed the Pennine Way up Jacob's Ladder.

(photo by hoshisato)

On to Edale Cross, then across Kinderlow, down through Coldwell Clough to Hayfield, and then finally along the Sett Valley Trail, through the woods, to New Mills - to this, my eighth Hare & Hounds:

(photo from Google Streetview)

It was closed. Ten fucking miles, over hill and dale, I walked to get here and the bloody place wasn't even open. Friday, 4pm - you'd expect every pub in the country to be open, wouldn't you?

So instead of the pint I should've rewarded myself with, I sat in the tent, drank the last of my water and had a cigarette.

I have not been applying a rating system to the Hare & Hounds I've visited, but if I had this one would've scored a few points for the smoking tent, and also for the dog kennel by the front door. It's those little touches that help make a pub, even if it hasn't got the decency to be open.

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