Monday, 16 April 2012

Pennine Journey (2)

Yesterday I tackled the second phase of my assault on the Pennine Way. This leg of the journey was the section from Crowden to Standedge - but I started in Hadfield and finished in Greenfield, for the simple practicality that both these towns have railway stations.

Here's the profile:

Actually this isn't quite all of it. Where's the Path struggled to generate a profile for 20 miles of hills, so this one peters out somewhere near Diggle. If you'd like to know what the rest of it looked like, imagine three miles of flat towpath. It was bliss.

I've never walked most of this section of Pennine Way before (the bit between Laddow Rocks and Standedge) so it was a bit of an adventure for me.

Actually my whole weekend was spent in the Peak District. Before my Dark Peak adventure yesterday I had a trip to the White Peak on Saturday. We were away at Matlock Town (another game we managed to lose, sigh) but it is a lovely place to visit. And a lovely journey to get there, with many scenic highlights. Here's Frankie at Monsal Head last year:

What a happy little bear!


  1. Your little bear has a lovely smiley face. How long did the walk take you? That sounds like hard work to me.

    Have they put you in the windowless room yet? I do so know what that is like. I've been cooped up in one for six and a half years. It certainly makes you appreciate the great outdoors when you can get out in it!

  2. Oh dear Pork Chop, that's awful! Good job you've got a lovely garden to escape to on the weekends.

    No, we haven't been moved to the dungeon yet - that little treat is lined up for next week. I have been told that I am allowed to sit in the corner that has a sort of glass panel that lets in a bit of light from the sky - I'm not using the term 'skylight' for it though, that would be far too generous. The effect is something like being a toad trapped at the bottom of a very very deep well.