Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hare & Hounds (13)

I visited this Hare & Hounds yesterday:

(Photo as usual is from Google Streetview. Click on the pic if you'd like to see the full size image.)

I probably should have been here long before now, it's in Shudehill and I've been past it dozens of times since I started my Hare & Hounds quest.

A pub in the centre of Manchester possibly isn't a likely destination for a ramble, and when I set out from home I had no idea I going there. I thought I was going to the craft shop on Oldham Street to get some supplies - but it was a hot muggy day and by the time I got there I felt very grimy and dehydrated. A quick refreshing lager was just the ticket!

Of all the Hare & Houndses I've visited this one certainly had the most atmosphere, in fact it was a bit bonkers (in a good way). It was a shame I didn't have time to linger longer, but I still had nearly seven miles to walk to get home again. I will be visiting again.

Back to the craft shop. It has a name something like Azkaban, but it's not that, that's the prison in Harry Potter where the Dementors live. The craft shop is a happy place and I was getting some bits for one of my other hobbies. I am making a rainbow in installments. (My life isn't all beer and hill-walking, you know.)

Yesterday's provisions were needed for the chartreuse portion of the rainbow.

My rainbow, my rules.


  1. Are we going to see a picture of this rainbow creation of yours dear Crab?

    Is this another knitted creation, or are you doing a different sort of crafting?

    We need to know these things.

  2. Hello my dear Pork Chop! Yes, one day there will be photos - once I've got around to taking some, that is. The rainbow isn't knitted, it's sewn.

  3. You are a talented Crab my dear. I can't sew or knit. I shall look forward to seeing your rainbow. Does it have a purpose, other than being decorative?