Tuesday, 15 July 2014

This book changed my life!

Well, if not quite my whole life, it has certainly changed my mealtimes.

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at work, idly wondering what I would like for my tea. I had a hankering for a Nepalese curry. Without the means to suddenly book a holiday in Nepal (which would be excessive anyway) or even to book a table in a restaurant I googled to see if I could find any good recipes.

And I found this!

Through the joys of internet shopping, it arrived in the post the next day. I read and salivated and looked in the fridge to see what I had the makings of.

Spicy grilled sea bass and potato & cauliflower curry, as it turned out.

So I followed the recipes and ground and blended and mixed and cooked and served, and then I sat down and tasted.


I was so astounded I could've wept - but I was far too busy eating. It tasted of sunshine and joy and very high places and it was the most delicious meal I have ever cooked.

I was so excited I couldn't wait to tea time the next day so I could some other new things. The next night I cooked three dishes from the book - again all extraordinary.

And so it goes on. Never in my kitchen have so many pots been used so many times in the production of a meal. Never have I had so much fun cooking. There is nothing in this book I don't want to eat, or don't think I am able to cook.

Now, here's the thing. When you look at "recipes for one" they almost invariably suggest that a single person wants to throw together something quick and easy for their tea.

I say bollocks to that. I want to eat food that's been prepared with care and passion. And here's why:

As previously mentioned on this blog, I used to have a husband.

For sixteen years he sat there every night with face like a slapped arse, waiting to be presented with food like he had a god-given right to receive food on a daily basis - without so much as ever making me a piece of toast.

Now he is gone and I am living alone - in a little happy paradise that I made myself.

Everything is good! yum yum yum

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