Friday, 25 April 2014

Every single one of us...

is fucking proud of you, fucking proud of you, fucking proud of you. Fucking proud of you!

This is one of the many love songs we sing at FC.
Tomorrow is the last league game of the season (sob, it goes so fast!) and no doubt we will be singing with great gusto.

It has been an astounding season, and we still have a sniff of Winning the League!

How amazing would that be!!

Our last road trip of the season takes us to Barwell tomorrow. I don't know much about Barwell, except that it is Leicestershire. I am not entirely sure that I've even been to Leicestershire before, but I know it's somewhere in the South.

Another thing I know about Barwell (which I have just learned by reading that font of all knowledge, The Internet) is that on Christmas Eve, 1965, the village was showered with fragments from a turkey-sized meteor. The Internet does actually describe it as 'turkey-sized' - but I suspect that's just a bit of Christmas winsomry.

Turkey from Wikipedia.

So anyway. Maybe we win the league tomorrow, maybe we don't. It's still win-win - we'll be in the play-offs and that means another game to watch. Maybe two!

Not only has it been a cracking season for the team, it has been a cracking season for the club. We are building our Own Ground!

For nine years we have all been raising money and now we have saved up enough money to make this!

Oh, this makes me so happy I could cry. I am so fucking proud of all of us!

If you happen to passing by my blog and you've read this far, got some spare cash and a kind heart, we are now raising money to kit out our kitchen. Click the link to donate.

Sadly I am somewhat short of funds these days, due to the scuzzy habits of my husband, as mentioned previously. I will be paying off his debts until the day I retire. Here's an email he sent me earlier in the week:

If you have no objections I will at some stage initiate the process with a view to legally ending the marriage based on 2 years separation in January 2016.

Pompous twat, dubious grammar. I am well-rid!

Enough of that, time to go back to dreaming my FC Dreams...

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