Thursday, 17 June 2010

Blister on a Blog

Today I thought I would share the sole of my foot with you. When I say "foot" like that I don't want you thinking that I've only got one foot. I have two, it's just that this is the only one that is annoying me.

Here it is:

Sorry, the picture quality isn't great. It's not that easy to take a photo of your own foot you know.
Don't worry, the dotted red line isn't another skin disorder, I drew that on (the photo, not my foot) to help you locate the blister.

Look at the damn thing! It started on my heel and it's heading for my big toe. The cheek! Are you wondering what it feels like? Like walking on rusty nails. Bent & broken rusty nails.

Anyway, I am hoping that, by naming and shaming it on my blog, it will feel so ashamed it will shrivel up and die.


  1. That's a big blister!
    Q1 - can you have some time off work?
    Q2 - how on earth did you get it?
    Q 3 what does one do for mega blisters?
    i would go for the
    can't walk on it in case it goes septic argument -and have a day off

  2. Hello Anonjan! My naming-and-shaming tactic did not work, the blister is twice as big today. Boo!

    To answer your questions:

    1. Yes. If I can't get my shoes on I stay home.
    2. Too much walking combined with a genetic skin disorder.
    3. Paracetamol and plasters. Recently I have been substituting whisky for the paracetamol, which has been quite enjoyable. Not at work, mind!

  3. Poor thing.
    When I was little -eons ago - my parents were told to rub my feet with surgical spirit to toughen them a bit - I think it may have been the school nurse.
    Of course i can't remember whether it worked or not.
    Tke the whisky to work and say its a foor rub?

  4. Dishwasher Crab, that's quite the shiner. You must have been walking on stilettos! I must say, I do like Anonjan's whiskey recommendation!

    It's Sunday and Speed-dating night on Corrie. I wonder if "Charlotte" will show up just to rub it into John Stape and Fiz. Come to think of "rubbing", she does reminds me of a "blister"-- just annoying and irritating as hell and you just don't know how best to get rid of her without hurting yourself in the process.

    And what about Norris who compared speed-dating at the Rovers to mud-wrestling (oh yeah!) -- wouldn't a nosy character like him show up just out of curiosity...he's a bachelor anyway --available if not eligible... and what about all the wizened old bags as well? Eileen who continually reminds me of an actual lady wrestler -- doesn't matter the medium -- in mud or in the ring -- surely she must turn up for the fun. Her and her over-the-top half sister Julie will try and snag a bloke for sure...

    Well, best of luck in extricating yourself from nasty Mr. Blisterworks. You'll probably do better ridding yourself of "him" than John Stape does of Ms. Charlotte the harlot.

  5. You'd better get rid of that before the footy season starts; how on earth are you going to disembark at a train station and walk to a ground with THAT on your foot, eh?

  6. Cheers Cheadle! If I still have this bloody thing (which is now about 3 times the size) by the start of the season I will be murderous indeed.

    Are you enjoying the World Cup? NZ - living the dream!

  7. Hi Anonjan - yep, I've heard the surgical spirit theory, and probably every other old wives tale about toughening up skin. "Whisky at work" sounds like a plan that might actually work.

    Hi Snacky - did you see last night's Corrie? Good to see Eccles alive and well on the cobbles with Ken. So whoever's remain it was in the body bag, at least we now know it wasn't that poor little dog.

    A colleague has pointed out that the new opening credits look like one of those public service ads telling you of the early warning signs of glaucoma. I think he is absolutely right.

  8. i think it feels good sharing as many will learn from it and definitely know what to do. you better get rid of it before it spread through the whole feet.