Friday, 11 June 2010

A Very Good Friday

What a jolly fine day it is! Gail McIntyre is out of prison, the scant remains of Tony Gordon have been wheeled out of Underworld in a bin bag, and Underworld itself is a blackened and smouldering wreck of its former self.

All is good in the world.

Come to think of it, the remains of Tony Gordon were very scant indeed. Is he dead, was it really him? Someone here (who shall remain nameless) has suggested it may have been Eccles in the bin bag.

Oh dear.

Tina McIntyre is still an angry little harpy, but no doubt the scriptwriters will give her a makeover in the next few weeks and she'll forget her poor old dad and her rage and become a completely different person.

In real life, the actress who plays Tina was (maybe still is, for all I know) going out with Bradley Howard, who used to play for FC United. There's a little story about it here.

Now here's a strange coincidence:

As you no doubt know, the World Cup starts today (yet another reason why today is a very good Friday indeed).
And, if you've not already seen it, this is today's Google Doodle.

Look at the defender. He's wearing a FC United kit!!!

In case you were wondering. The last we heard of Bradley Howard he was starring in a Tampax commercial, which is not an obvious career path for a young footballer, is it?

I really, really hope that wasn't Dead Eccles in a Bag.


  1. Would that be Goon Eccles, or Jennifer?

    How are you Crab me dear? Your email won't let me talk to you again.


  2. Hi Pork Chop! That would be the little dog Eccles, formerly Blanche's pet and instrumental in Ken Barlow's affair with the actress on the boat.

    Of course, if you're not a Corrie-watcher that last sentence of mine was just gibberish, wasn't it?

    I'm fine, thanks for asking. Working hard, got a headache now and just waiting for home time. Sorry about the ever-bouncing email :(

  3. Hi Dishwasher Crab and Pork Chop and friends!

    Yes, Eccles --I'm pretty sure he survived the blaze. I secretly was hoping that they wouldn't find Tony's remains -- perhaps they found the charred remains of some other unfortunate soul who met with an untimely demise -- thus leaving the plot door open for more havoc from a possibly disfigured Tony Gordon -- do I hear organ music in the distance...pum bum pum bum... the phantom of the Underworld/knicker factory. I didn't know Eccles was specifically Blanche's dog until the reading of Blanche's will. So that makes three pet dogs in Corrie that magically appear and disappear like the cars: huge Schmeichel belonging to Chesney, Ozzy the gift dog from Maria to Liam back when they were still dating/courting (to tell you the truth, I didn't find either of them --Liam/Maria individually or together all that interesting), and Eccles who fell into the frigid waters of the canal while out on a stroll with Kenneth, got fished out by the actress-on-the-barge and thus started the hopeless but delicious affair between said actress and pathetic Kenneth Barlow -- a far more watchable affair than the horrible, awkward, mismatched, stomach turning affair between Molly and Kevin -- "Molvin"--- which is mercifully over -- well, the repercussions, a pregnancy and paternity have yet to manifest in the episodes...
    yes, more gibberish if you're not a Corrie fan...sorry Pork Chop and others ... I'm in Canada, have no UK ties but I'm hooked... possibly for life.

    I'm catching the current eppys online -- don't ask how... must protect the innocent/guilty but I'm absolutely LOVING being current with the episodes... Gail being declared "not guilty". Both her lead defence counsel and his opposing prosecution played Bertie Wooster's friends in the old "Jeeves" (with Stephen Fry) series.

    btw -- are all UK comedians so smart and educated like Mr.Fry and Mr. Bean? I know I definitely saw "management" videos during university made by that fellow from Monty Python/Fawlty Towers -- his name escapes me right now...

  4. Just saw Monday's episodes: Tina the harpy's settled down. She can be so annoying. In real life, I guess a gorgeous girl like her does get a large share of the magazine space and whichever walking appendage happens to escort her will get equal coverage. Hmmm a guy in a feminine hygiene products commercial/advert... I must say that's a first for me. But then I never expected to see male salespersons behind the counters of women's cosmetics showing women customers how to apply make-up...

    I was horrified with Mad Mary's Princess Leia's hairdo...she's hanging around still perhaps this time to make mischief during Roy and Hayley's future nuptials...and I predict poor Peter and Natasha will be heart-broken after Nick and Leanne hook up. It's a soap opera, after all. And one more... I think there's more than smoke smoldering from cigarettes between Dierdre and male escort Lewis... hee, hee... time for another middle-age affair and possible payback from Dierdre to Ken :-). Besides Audrey is acting kinda prickly these days... I've always liked Rita and Emily much more than her.

    I've yet to catch on to World Cup fever... I'm a little slow with these things, but will probably catch a live match online on our public broadcaster's website... perhaps I'll spot a tall Bin Man Trevor and his Lady Love Carla and their cute red World Cup caps in the stands somewhere ... hahahahah!

    cheers... sorry again for rambling on so long on your blog...

    --Snacky (all the best from your Corrie mate in Canada)

    ps -- that trivia about the Wigan pie woman's sister's dog being in the Russell Crowe's Robin Hood movie ...well, well -- beats anything I've come across on google or wikipedia. Takes a truly professional and talented information pro like a classically trained librarian to dig that kind of info out. My hats off to you, dearest Dishwasher Crab. I will definitely look for DOG in the movie. I do happen to like Mr. Crowe's movies, actually.

  5. The Princess Leia hairdo was alarming, wasn't it? I did like Mary's line about "mother not letting her watch films with robots in them" though. Robots, and a long list of just about everything else. You've got to admire a woman who goes to speed-dating with a light sabre attached to her thigh.

    Completely implausible that Nigel Havers would fancy Deidre - or Audrey, or any of the other wizened old bags in Corrie.

    Re. smart, educated comedians in the UK - yep, they're all like that. It's not just the comedians either - the whole population is incredibly erudite. John Cleese is the Fawlty Towers/management video guy you're thinking of.