Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Stuff happens when you go on holiday. You don't have to get up so early, and when you do finally get up you can do nice things all day, and just when you think life can't get any better, Corrie goes High Definintion.

We got our first look at the new look last night, and to begin with I thought HD was something so amazing and clear that everything had to be filmed in fuzzy focus.

(pic source and more interesting stuff about Corrie credits over the years.)

But it turned out this was just the arty new opening credits. At our house we don't have HD TV, but a couple of times a year I have a go at the screen with Mr Muscle and some kitchen towel, which removes that strange black scum that always seems to stick to TV screens and which I think is largely nicotine stains of my own making. Anyway, the effect of the clean is remarkable, and I can't imagine real HD is any better.

Also in the new opening credits is one of the new yellow trams.

I'm not terribly keen on the new trams. The old trams had a lovely tootly TOOT!; the new ones don't toot, they SNARK!
It is quite ugly.

PS I walk past the Corrie set every morning and today I noticed that it really was in fuzzy focus. However it was quite misty earlier - it has burned off now; lovely day.


  1. It's a lovely day over the right side of the Pennines today, as well.
    It seems Corrie has been cancelled tonight because of the storyline and the recent shootings.
    what will you do with your extra half-hour?

  2. Hello Dishwasher Crab! Welcome back. I hope you had a great time off. You do find the neatest websites! They are fantastic and nothing like I've ever seen before --from knitted versions of human body parts to the different incarnations of theme/titles music of Corrie and other UK TV shows. There truly is something for everyone on the amazing superhighway called the net.

    Anonjan, I had no idea what I was going to do with this extra non-Corrie half hour, but somehow surfing on Corrie brought me to a wonderful piece of UK eye candy called Richard Armitage which lead me to a BBC TV series on Robin Hood which has this tall handsome, sharp-featured thespian playing bad guy to a young Calvin Klein underwear model-type Robin Hood (Jonus Armstrong). Imagine... the legend of Robin Hood in the form of a soap opera every week. Ah well, I managed to find clips on ytube of whole episodes of the first season -- great, campy fun seeing the wonderful story of the world's most beloved outlaw band speaking modern dialogue. It reminds me of a NZ production of Hercules which was popular here in the Americas about ten years ago.

    Oh there is a Corrie connection to BBC's Robin Hood. In series 3, I noticed the nasty Charlie Stubbs makes an appearance as a ruthless taxman. Unfortunately or fortunately, he gets it again -- this time at the end of Robin Hood's arrow. And the feckless Vernon who married Liz the landlady/bar owner but later left her for a music career also makes an appearance in series 3 but a different episode. It's so odd for me to see ex-Corrie personnel in these other shows...

    cheers Dishy and friends. As a friend of mine would say -- fair winds to you,

    PS - I wasn't too keen on the blurry bits of Corrie's new titles...why switch to HD only to have blurry titles???

  3. Hello Anonj & Snacky. Sorry I haven't been around much - the holiday is over but I've been out & about a lot at work, and not had any blogging time.

    Isn't it great to have Corrie back on and everything kicking off - hurrah! Snacky, I can't say I remember either the Robin Hood or the Hercules you mention, but I must say, you have an impressive knowledge of TV. Here's a quite interesting snippet: Ms Wigan(she of the earlier pie-post fame)'s sister's dog is in the new film version of Robin Hood.

    That's good, isn't it?!