Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Frozen Pitch

Tonight I should have had a match to go to. Now the pitch is frozen, the game's off, and even our resident snowman looks as sick as a dog.

If you work in a place like this you need a mid-week game to maintain your health and happiness - where else is it socially acceptable to shout obscenities and sing filthy yet funny songs at the top of your voice non-stop for ninety minutes?

I need cheering up. I need to have fun. I need to sing and swear and laugh. I need a friend like Rick.


  1. You need to sing and swear and laugh?

    Well how about listening to my most famous song that has a few more things to do in its title: 'Zing, Vecht, Huil, Bid, Lach, Werk en Bewonder'.

    That's Sing, Fight, Cry, Pray, Laugh, Work and Wonder. Value for money, as you might say in England.

    Here's me singing it:
    Click Here

  2. What a passionate performance - you're really giving it some welly there, aren't you?

  3. Well, DWC, our friend The Ghost of Ramses Shaffy has certainly delivered yet again, hasn’t he?

    Mr. Ghost/Ramses, you are or were a stellar example of a true professional who could take your adoring audience somewhere beyond ---well, beyond beyond. Perhaps now that you actually inhabit the unearthly realms, you can divulge whether you continue to ply your former earthly talents with equal verve?

    Hmmm... sing, swear, and laugh – we Canucks do that while guzzling down copious amounts of beer congregated at an arena built with money from the likes of GM or the national airline or some other corporate behemoth, paying outrageous prices for tickets and the libation and the overly deep-friend munchies—all the while watching grown men in heavily padded suits, carrying sticks and skating on ice chasing a tiny rubber cylindrical “puck” which the audience can’t see most of the time. And to top off the experience, most will get the biggest thrill – not from a finely played game by the highly compensated professional gamesmen, but the fact that we, the great unwashed in the stands got the “wave” right.

    Frankly, I’m not a huge sports fan/spectator. I can watch perhaps the final rounds of a match-- any match including such action-packed athletic activites like golf, pool,bowling, curling, even marbles and rock-paper-scissors, but several hours devoted to watching other people having fun and getting handsomely rewarded for it? I’d rather be cutting loose with this handsome fellow who could have been the younger brother to our Mr. Ghost/Ramses:

    No, no, no my version of being a spectator is more watching a tragedy unfold in opera or perhaps a modern day soap opera such as the likes of Coronation Street and laughing and swearing at the likes of the foolishly flawed characters who get themselves in messes over and least MY life couldn’t be THAT sordid...or pathetic...{sighing and rolling of eyes}

    'Zing, Vecht, Huil, Bid, Lach, Werk en Bewonder' – well, what more is there really then beyond that? I thank you Mr. Ramses (can I sometimes call you that? Skip the Ghost bit?)Perhaps that’s the best answer to my so called ongoing existential angst...

    DWC, I think our bent over Snowman may require a bit of medical assistance/attention. Thank goodness for your British National Health Service because I doubt people of snow rank up there among the top earners and probably couldn’t afford the bill from a private facility.

    As always, my dear Dishwasher Crab, it's a pleasure to read your blog... I'm so excited to see that you've posted yet another one! Ohhhh...can't wait to read that one! And thank you for indulging my long Commentary - a product of a wandering mind who intends no harm...just a little rest now and then in the uncertain, restless journey :-)


    ps - that scarf on rather handsome...are they the team colors? Brilliant. I do admire nice scarves -- well, except the one sported by Dr. Who...