Friday, 12 February 2010

A Weekend to Celebrate!

On Sunday some stuff is happening. First of all it's Valentine's Day.

What a miserable affair that is. Hanging about by the door, waiting for the postie, wondering if against all odds someone out there actually thinks you're attractive. Attractive enough to send you a card. Or a present!

Don't get too excited. First of all, it's not going to happen. And even if it did, Valentine gifts are tawdry and crass. You might get some chocolate, or you might get a single scentless rose in a plastic coffin (how's that meant to be romantic?) or if you're lucky you might get a cuddly toy like one of these:

This is really a real thing, that you can actually buy!

Enough of all that romantic crap. Sunday is also Chinese New Year. Woo-hoo!

What a lovely occasion Chinese New Year is. You can put on your best red frock and go into town and watch the Dragon Parade and the fireworks, and when you're done with all the hoo-ha you and your friends can go to a Chinese restaurant and have a sumptuous meal. Lovely lovely yum yum yum.

This year is the Year of the Tiger. That's gotta be good, doesn't it? These guys are already relaxing and getting ready for the party.

You should too! Happy New Year!!


  1. Oh, just lovely. Wouldn't anyone want to cuddle up to a nice plush anatomically correct heart -- that pumps! I totally agree that Valentine's gotten completely crass. All this heart that and this when the thing's not even correctly shaped! And yes, those roses you get are in coffins because they are DEAD, DEAD, DEAD technically and soaking them in water is like well... the equivalent of's gruesome picture! The only thing I look forward to re: Valentine's Day is actually the day after it. I go to the chocolatiers and the stores and see if there's anything worth getting for even 20% to 50% off...

    And Crab, you are absolutely spot on about Chinese New Year--year of the Tiger and according to my nickel and dime research - Tiger in the Chinese astrology is known for courageousness and being lucky! Well, well these three adorable cats certainly are lucky. It looks like they were getting a little too hot and dry where they are and a few kind (but cautious) souls provided some relief!). Lucky tigers. I would hope, they've eaten already...

    Yes, like crassy Valentine's Day I've grown weary of the hoopla surrounding Chinese New Year and the lion dance, dragon dance with the gongs, etc... You can catch these at any Chinese cultural centre and as for dim sum -- you can partake at any time of the year. The only good thing is really those little red envelopes. Yes, red is the global color now! I will gladly eschew the red valentines cards, the red roses in box coffins, and fattening chocolates in fake heart-shaped containers for those small red envelopes containing "lucky money" ---if one is so lucky to have a few generous and wealthy Chinese relatives...

    Happy Valentine's Day, Dishwasher Crab, and Gung Hay Faat Choy as well...


    ps -- one more "kid in film" pick --- the ultimate --"Salaam Bombay"... you must have heard of that one or seen of the very best -- all before Slumdog Millionaire and the string of films about Bombay/Mumbai that came afterwards...

  2. Mmmm, good plan: getting discounted chocs the day after Valentine's Day. Except I don't like chocolate very much. Pretty sure I don't have any Chinese relatives, rich or otherwise, so I've missed out there too.

    Celebrating turned out to be very much at a minimum for me over the weekend. Instead I spent my leisure hours vomitting.

    Re. your earlier question about 2001. Yes, I like the film, but actually I chose the name for this blog because I spotted it on a football forum I frequent, and thought "yeah, that'll do!".

  3. Hmmmm. That fluffy heart is much better than the knitted uterus I seem to remember from days of yore.....

  4. Cheers Pork Chop! I'd forgotten all about the woolly womb. Must see if I still have a photo of it somewhere.

  5. Wow! First there's a Dishwasher Crab who does a blog named after a famous quote from a famous science fiction film based on a famous science fiction novel. Then we have a Pork Chop who's a relative to that adorable, original sock puppet Lamb Chop. Oh I LOVE Lamb Chop. Shari Lewis was one of my first "live" entertainers I saw as a kid. We were too poor to afford tickets to attend live concerts by "famous" people like her.Growing up, most of my summers were spent at the public library reading all sorts of books: fairy tales, kid mysteries like Nancy Drew, science fiction stuff... perhaps that's where my love of films got their an even greater passion for radio plays/stories. But back to Shari Lewis and her Lamb Chop - some friends gave us their tickets. The seats were the very last row of the top balconey. Shari Lewis from this vantage point was but a small white figurine, but I didn't care. She put on a marvelous live show not only with Lamb Chop but a series of full-sized puppets who danced with her.

    Hey Pork Chop, what's it like to have such a famous celebrity as a relative?

    Alas, I believe Ms. Lewis has passed on hasn't she? God rest her lovely soul... I found out years later that Ms. Lewis was not only a talented puppeteer and ventriloquist, but she was a gifted composer and orchestra conductor. She also wrote an episode of Star Trek. I think it was "The Lights of Betar" -- not exactly one of my favourite ST eppy, but still a credible one.

    I like science fiction - some. Corrie got me into watching your UK's Red Dwarf series. But I really never got into Dr. Who - just couldn't get into the cheesiness and the ridiculous scarf. btw did you happen to catch the Red Dwarf/Coronation Street cross-over? It was very funny because Craig Charles who plays Lloyd the cabbie also plays a main character in Red Dwarf. I love cross-overs when they're done well. The US shows do them frequently when they want to boost ratings.

    I wonder if there ever was a cross over between Corrie and rival Eastenders..

    Well, as always, it's nice chatting. 'Til next time! Sorry your Valentine's Day wasn't exactly up to snuff...perhaps it was the flu or food poisoning. I hope you're feeling better now.

    As I'm writing this, I'm listening to CBC radio. The American fiction author John Irving who's written a string of bestselling novels is being interviewed. He's an extremely good writer and very good interviewee. Two of his novels became movies, "The World According to Garp" and "Cider House Rules". I saw both movies and they were --well, different. Cider was better. It had Tobey Macguire before his "Spiderman" fame and Michael Caine who's always good whether he's playing a butler or an abortionist... :-).

    Back briefly to John Irving. I mentioned that my book club had to read one of his other books, "The Fourth Hand" -- about a woman who wanted to donate her husband's hand. Her husband is/was a TV reporter who lost one hand to a lion who chewed it off while he was doing a story on the lion. Yes, bizarre story, but a great writer like Irving pulls it off. The other novel I read was "A Prayer for Owen Meany" -- another bizarre story about a small sized kid who hits a baseball during a game, and the baseball winds up hitting one of his friend's mom, killing her.


  6. Crikey, Snacking on Corrie, or may I call you 'Snack', I have never seen such lengthy comments on a blog before.

    Anyway, go for it DC!

  7. I think the tiger at the bottom has just farted in the tub; the other two are looking at him in a rather accusing manner

  8. Ghost of - yes, I think 1. that you may well be right and 2. you have been studying this photo far to closely. Haven't you got any work to do?

    Snacking - I like Craig Charles too. I find it totally implausible that he would be involved with old slappers like Liz Macdonald or that scabby Theresa. It's high time the scriptwriters found him a nice girlfriend. Maybe the lovely Natasha from the hairdressers.

  9. Ms. B, of course you may call me 'Snack'. Yes, I agree with you I've never seen such lengthy comments on a blog before, either....{sigh}...

  10. Oh, Crab!
    I've been "saying" the same thing about our Lloyd on another Corrie blog! I'm so glad you also thought of under-utilized Natasha! I couldn't stomach Lloyd and Liz (bleah!) was almost as bad as Kev-Molly (yuck!). As for Theresa, I'm hoping it's just a room and board arrangement -- oh please, let it be just that...

  11. Ghost of

    I like the name...I, too think you may be right about the lion near the bottom. On the other hand, it might be just a little indigestion -- raw foods in the wild--- or the two might be contemplating eating the third... or all of the above.

  12. Snacking,

    You like the name? "Dank u wel" as we say here in Nederland.