Friday, 26 March 2010

Blakey's Blood Bath

It hasn't been a great week at the House of Fun. The new leaders are even more shit than the old leaders, the knives are out and our friends are losing their jobs. Again.

Chop chop chop. Hack hack hack. Do these bastards know what they're doing?
Like hell they do.

I am disgusted.


  1. Blakey - yes he does look a bit like him, doesn't he?

    Is this a reference to what i think it is?

  2. Hello Dishy! And Cheadle, too! You sound like you're there with Dishy witnessing the bloodbath.. awwwww... so sorry about the treachery. Yes, it's disgusting and it makes everyone angry times more so than afraid. How can people be so stupid and so unfeeling about other people's livelihoods? It's bad enough to suffer the day to day humiliation of being a wage slave but this?? I suppose that's why that show "on the Buses" must have been so popular in the UK and here. I remember from the old days my mom and pop watching this show late at night before bed. This guy with the toothbrush mustache is the supervisor right? And there were two regular guys always getting the best of him -- he could never find anything to hang on them.

    Oh yuk, I'd hate to have a boss that was like this guy...come to think of it, I think I have...several times over ...

    Oh, it's the weekend... I've had such a tough week myself ...have to get away from all this junk that humans play at in the name of earning a poverty level wage. If only I was at liberty to tell you Dishy and friends what I see right now -- the shaming, the lying, the HUGE egos...the "blood sacrifices", the example-making, the scapegoating... you'd swear we were back in the time of Ghengis Khan, Hannibal, Alexander th Great, etc... without the horses and elephants but with all the bloodletting...

    I have to be off now. There's a special at the grocery store on toilet paper and paper towels to mop up the messes...the discount only is good for today/Saturday...
    ...someone's got to do the mopping up of all that mess and blood...

    then it's Corrie time -- at least over there in the Cobbles, the blood's not real...

    I'm so disgusted, perhaps I'll do a search and see if I can catch a bit of Eastenders on youtube -- I don't facy it as much as Corrie. It's full of bald guys who don't look all that handsome and big-hair fake blondes -- can't tell them apart that easily...

    yours, Snacky from across the pond

  3. Cheadle - yep, this is probably exactly what you think it is. I think you would be impressed with the scale of of the hatchet job that's gone on here since last Monday - and I think you'd be amazed to find out some of the people who have lost their jobs.

    You're well out of it.

    Snacky, a few horses and elephants might actually improve the situation. Can't stand Eastenders myself, full of cockernees - they're too hard to understand - and no-one has any fun.

  4. Hi Dishy,
    you're the smartest, most wonderful crab I know with the most fun blog...because of you and your Galleano book, I wound up picking up from the local used bookstore, "The Secret Life of Words" by Henry Hitchings. I didn't take much history in school so I'm going to do it myself in later life in pleasant, bite-sized pieces through means other than big, thick, dry history books.

    And I LOVE your labeling/indexing system! It's the first time I've seen someone use the Dewey Decimal system for their blog-- of course, had to be a librarian--it's so logical, so smart! I don't know why I just glossed over those numbers and didn't notice it until now. ...duh!!!!

    Hee, hee... I hope you don't mind me having a little fun at my end...


    PS -- yes Eastenders was really hard to get into. I'm still not really into it much -- way, way too serious with too many cardboard characters.

  5. Thank you Snacky for your kind words. The trouble with nearly all history is that it's written by the winners; the stories of the losers are almost always more interesting - if only they'd lived to tell them.

    Oh dear, that's a lot like my workplace...

    I thought Dewey was a good a system of tagging as any - we librarians should hang on to our strange and arcane arts. It also helps me identify gaps in my subject matter, which at this stage is Philosophy and Religion. Actually, there's a good chance I'm never going to tackle either of them.

  6. Awww... Dishy, don't say that.. I'm sure a wonderful writer and researcher such as yourself will have infinite opportunities to get into Philosophy and Religion. I've taken a few continuing ed courses at the local university and psychology and/or psycho-analysis - Freud and Carl Jung seem to always fall closely in the's all too fascinating to pass up!

    I really wish I had a more rounded education myself. I once took a continuing ed course given by a PhD candidate in Philosophy. He was Italian and you could tell by his slightly portly build that he loved food. He gave an absolutely delightful course on "food, history, and philosophy" -- that's where I learned a bit about how restaurants evolved from taverns, inns... Escoffier. Then he had a friend of his, a practising psycho-analyst come in and give a talk on Freud and Jung. The whole thing was a bit of a mish-mash but I didn't care...a few of the students brought in food... too bad my old university classes weren't like this.

    There are other libraries besides university libraries... Think Tanks, Governments, the Management Consulting companies... also I think individual faculties have their own libraries. In any case, the ability to research and conduct "knowledge" management is a much sought after skill in the new economy...