Friday, 19 March 2010

Dog on a Blog

Not a post about work today; it's quiet, nothing's happening, and there's no one here except me and the Sea Monkeys (and they're not up to much). So instead:

This is my entry for the 2010 Postcards Exhibition at the Linden Gallery in St Kilda. If you'd like to see the exhibition it's on until 27th March. Be warned though, that's the St Kilda in Australia, not the one in the Outer Hebrides - if you go there by mistake you'll have a long journey, which will be scenically delightful but won't involve a lot of art.


  1. Had no idea that postcards had...or deserved their own exhibition. Well, why not I say. Why stick to paintings and sculptures when you can show more practical stuff like postcards -- art with a message and stamp on the other side. Come to think of it, there are probably stamp exhibitions, too... and then there's all sorts of "shows" people can go to like flower shows --- spring IS in the air!, home shows, boat shows... book expos (librarians and booksellers will like these) -- I sometimes catch some interesting interviews at these affairs and you get the latest on what librarians think are going to be the hot books that year -- same with booksellers -- it's like a fashion week for those in the book trade rather than the garment trade -- I find it rather exciting... I think there's supposed to be a rather big one set up by Ms. Laura Bush in Washington, DC when her husband was the sitting president. First Lady Bush being a former librarian set up a huge book conference running for several days at the nation's capital, set up book prizes, breakfasts where famous authors came to read excerpts of their latest books hoping to sell more of their books... I caught some footage on CSPAN a while ago -- they showed nearly the whole thing one year...Dishy Crab, you being a librarian probably have been to your share of these industry affairs -- they must do them the same in the UK...

    I've not been to an exhibit of any kind in a long time... perhaps I should take a look and see what's in offer at the local convention centre downtown... I'd go down more often but the lunch they serve downtown is so notoriously bad... unless you pop into one of those really, really fancy white tablecloth places where you need to pay the mortgage/rent money for a mid-meal -- if not, it's the hamburger/hot dog and french fries truck parked all over downtown...and if you're not careful with the ketchup...some of it always falls on your white T-shirt -- just between the seams at the neckline where it's nearly impossible to wash out...

    I'd go to postcard museum/exhibit. But I'd rather see what's on the other side -- the stamp and the message. How many different ways can people scribble:

    "I'm having such a great time here in _______. Wish you were hear!"

    cheers my dear Dishwasher Crab,


    PS -- is it really true about turtle soup? I've never actually had any...ohhhhhhhh wow.... bleah... :-)....

    PPS - if memory serves me -- this is your Corrie catch up weekend, right? Well enjoy yourself Dishy! I'm so envious... I found some Yorkshire Gold tea at the local supermarket and will have to brew some up as I catch up on some of the Corrie blogs from the UK...

  2. Hi Snacky! Re. PS, yes that's true, I believe rendered-down calves feet are also involved.

    On the subject of Snacks and Stains, I find that both cleavage and keyboards are both places where lost food, crumbs, etc. tend to accumulate. Either way, you can fish them out later for a mid-afternoon treat when you've started to feel peckish again.

    Corrie didn't disappoint. Gail is snivelling in gaol and looking very bewildered, and we're starting to see real evidence of the powerful, ruthless and totally bonkers woman that Mary really is. Bring it on!

  3. I notice that there has been a lot of chat on here about Turtle Soup on here of late. Did you know that was the name of an album for both the late-60s hippie band The Turtles AND the late-80s indie outfit The Mock Turtles.

    Feel free to invite me to a pub quiz anyday.....

  4. Funny you should mention pub quizzes Cheadle, we had one only a couple of weeks ago as a fund-raiser for our new ground. Did you know we've got our land at last? Newton Heath - woo hoo!

    Are they a couple of calves heads on your crest, or is that just a spooky coincidence?

  5. Our badge is a direct replica of the crest of the old Cheadle & Gatley Urban District Council (long before the days of a Metropolitan Borough Council). The two heads are bulls' heads and represent the Bukeley family...from the days where main families in the areas were represented on crests.

    So there you go.

  6. Thanks Cheadle - you REALLY would be good in a pub quiz, wouldn't you?