Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Look what we're cloning

It would appear that bio-engineering is flourishing at the University because, I swear, the new regime of IT management all look exactly the same and they all look like this*. But not as intelligent.

Personally I think this is a gross misuse of research funding. Just how many fat, baldy, knuckle-dragging, bully-boy thickos do we need to create?

If we need to clone managers wouldn't it be better to clone more Dollies?

What a noble beast!

Even just one Dolly would be smarter and more talented than the Stepford-Rugby-Team we've got here. And Dolly would know how to get things done without sacking her workforce, or even needing to resort to bullying.

* Except the Director who, we already know from an earlier post, looks like Blakey.


  1. Harsh words, 'Crab. Is it really as bad as that?

    Who else has gone apart from those I probably know about?

  2. It would be indiscrete of me to list names here, but if you go to the HR webpages you'll find it highlighted there - including a rather unedifying slideshow showing who has already been chopped and who is in line for the chop.

    It beggars belief why anyone thinks it's a good idea to put this on a public-facing webpage.

    Anyway, enough of that - congratulations on your weekend win and the very best of luck for the Final!