Friday, 12 March 2010

Guess Who?

Librarian by day, aging-pop-legend-lookalikey by night. Can you guess which one of our colleagues this is?

Post your answers below, but be quick, boys and girls, there just might be a small prize for the first correct answer.

While you're puzzling over the question you might enjoy some music. Here for your enjoyment is a recently discovered, presumed lost album track from the above colleague that you may not have heard before.

Turn on your speakers and click the link.

PS. I also possess a photo of the same colleague taken back when he was going through his Lady Boy phase - but it would be extremely mean of me to publish it here. I bet you're intrigued now!


  1. Hello there Dishwasher Crab!

    I'm going to hazard a wild guess that the librarian by day and pop icon look-alike by night would be you? Well, I always did imagine that you'd be on the handsome side...being surrounded by all those books not only helps in the brains department, but perhaps it's a low-cost, no-cut beauty treatment -- there's no chance that your skin would be pre-maturely wrinkling when the entire day, you get absolutely no UV rays from sunshine breaking through those book stacks...

    And I enjoyed that lost song very much- had quite the energy to it--so much so that it made me jump into the bathtub and scrub away...

    Cleanly yours,

    PS- where is everyone? I can almost hear echoes around here? Pork Chop? Shaffy? Is there a World Soccer/Football or rugby match going on somewhere?

  2. Oh, oh, I right? I'm the first one anyway to answer so do I get the bag of peanuts? can of ham?

    hee, hee, hee. Great post as usual. I always learn something new... thanks Dishy.

  3. No it is not me. I don't have a beard. I'm not even a bloke. Hummphhh!

  4. Oh Dishy...I forgot! You're a....a crab.,a decapod crustacean. You like to eat molluscs, worms and detritus...

    ...and to watch Coronation Street on the telly plus a jolly good football/rugby match now and then...


  5. I am still here, Snacking. Have been very busy of late, but I promise a regular return soon.

  6. Lovely to hear from you, Mr Ghost! Did you ever work with the above-mentioned pop icon?

  7. Ohhhhhhh....hiya Shaffy! You must be on tour... must be a bit different doing tours and being busy in the afterlife! I'm with Dishy here, it's soooooo lovely to hear from you.